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Innovation of News Dissemination in the Era of Big Data

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DOI: 10.23977/ISEEH2022.010


Yuqi He

Corresponding Author

Yuqi He


In the “era of big data”, news dissemination is bound to be influenced by massive, rapid and mixed information, which makes profound changes in the form, mode, content and influence of communication. The innovative application of big data technology will contribute to the improvement of news dissemination scheme. This paper briefly describes the definition and characteristics of big data, and expounds the changes brought by the era of big data to news production. At the same time, the characteristics of news dissemination are summarized and analyzed. Then, starting from the characteristics of big data communication, it systematically explains the far-reaching impact of big data on the field of news communication. This paper discusses how to use big data technology to improve the amount of information, speed and accuracy of communication, expand information coverage and influence effect, etc. Further understand the characteristics and laws of news dissemination methods under the condition of big data; Therefore, the strategies that meet the needs of news communication improvement in the era of big data are formulated. This research is of great positive significance to improve the comprehensive quality of news dissemination.


Big data, News dissemination, Innovate

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