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Integration of Management Accounting and Financial Accounting under the Background of Network Economy

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DOI: 10.23977/ISEEH2022.014



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Science and technology have developed rapidly in recent years. Management accounting and financial accounting play an increasingly important role in the development of enterprises, and the related systems are gradually becoming perfect, but they are still facing unprecedented challenges and impacts. Network economy has considerable advantages and potential, which can promote the further development of economy and society. Under this background, the integration of management accounting and financial accounting has broken through the confinement of traditional accounting work mode and thought, and provided an effective way to improve the quality and efficiency of accounting work. The Internet and all walks of life have achieved in-depth integration, but there are also many problems in the integration process of enterprise management accounting and financial accounting. For the accuracy of the accounting industry and the preciseness of large-scale data calculation, it is necessary to make a reasonable analysis according to the actual situation within the enterprise. From capital investment to economic income, it is necessary to make a comprehensive calculation and induction. In order to further give full play to the functions of management accounting and financial accounting, we should also seek ways to integrate management accounting and financial accounting, establish a perfect and stable accounting system, improve the comprehensive competitiveness and market value of enterprises, strengthen financial management, and avoid economic risks of enterprises.


Net work economy, Management accounting, Accounting, Mix together

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