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Analysis of Economic Structure Effect of Informatization in China Based on Time Series

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DOI: 10.23977/ISEEH2022.018


Shizuo Jiao

Corresponding Author

Shizuo Jiao


The 21st century is the era of knowledge economy and information economy. As a developing country, in the process of seeking economic development, China must shorten the distance with developed countries and achieve leapfrog development. Information becomes a factor of production, which is an important feature of changing the mode of economic growth. Informatization has promoted the transformation of the economic development mode from extensive to intensive, and gave birth to the emerging technology industry and information service industry. Informatization improves the efficiency and quality of economic operation by improving the application of information technology in the economic field and the level of information resource development, thereby providing high-quality and fast products and services for the entire society. Informatization affects short-term economic fluctuations by affecting the job market, price fluctuations, short-term investment, consumption, and macroeconomic policies; secondly, informatization promotes long-term stable economic growth by providing new production factors, improving production efficiency, and promoting technological innovation. According to the comprehensive index model of informatization, the development level of informatization in my country in the past ten years is calculated, and on this basis, the driving degree of informatization on my country's national economy and the differential impact on the three industries are estimated. The most important thing is that the Chinese government should actively see the hidden problems, and then put forward strategies to solve and improve the problems, so that my country's procurement model can be more transparent and stable, and the system can be more standardized and unified in content.


Time series, China's informatization, Economic structure

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