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From the Coastal Woman's Clothing Explore Suitable Garments for the Career Woman to Promote Gender Equality

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DOI: 10.23977/ISEEH2022.019


Shuhan Ma, Yehong Guo

Corresponding Author

Shuhan Ma


With the example of the coastal woman's clothing, this project tried to finds newer, simpler ways of applying functional structures to modern fashion, from the angle of the popular working women in the past. An answer to this question can be established by a list of several garment objectives. This project set the target audience as professional women who desire to achieve gender equality in the workplace. Due to the needs of their work in the workplace, they prefer simple and grace, but do not affect the functional symmetrical clothing. This article would pay more attention to the professional women those working in the modern city, investigate their garment requirements those are more needed in the workplace. This paper uses the research methods as investigating, classifying, and summarizing archive literature, as well as seeking by research. This project plans to produce a visual clothing series, including sets of completely detailed clothing designs and the ready-made garments that could well demonstrate this concept.


Career woman, Fashion design, Gender equality, Printing textile

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