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Simulated Evolution: A Rights Safeguarding Event of School District Housing

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DOI: 10.23977/ISEEH2022.020


Xinglan Ma, Yujia Liu

Corresponding Author

Xinglan Ma


Establish a simulation model for rights safeguarding events of school district housing(RSEOSDH) is important for improving the effectiveness of risk management. Therefore, this paper uses the three-stage evolutionary process in Yuwenli case to carry out the simulation of the evolution mechanism of RSEOSDH risk under the deterministic background and uncertainty logic. Experimental conditions of Multi-Agent system, including general parameters, time of behavioral transformation and major factors of behavioral transformation, are predetermined based on this case. Based on that, this paper restores the evolutionary mechanism and evolutionary logic of RSEOSDH events, which provides a theoretical reference for the phased measurement and prevention of local governments in the effective governance of the national modernization field.


School district housing, The evolution of rseosdh risk, System simulation

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