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A Comparative Study of Narrative Skills between Haruki Murakami and Fitzgerald from the Cross-Cultural Perspective

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DOI: 10.23977/ISEEH2022.022



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Haruki Murakami, a novelist and translator of American literature, has attracted much attention in the Japanese literary world. Murakami's success is inextricably linked with an American writer, who is Fitzgerald. Through the comparative study of Haruki Murakami and Fitzgerald, especially from the perspective of Fitzgerald's influence on Haruki Murakami's writing style, this paper discusses the acceptance of exotic literature in different cultural contexts between the East and the West. with fusion. Haruki Murakami's creation begins with the acceptance and imitation of the narrative skills of Fitzgerald's novels. Fitzgerald's creative view of style coincides with Haruki Murakami, who also focuses on the introduction and absorption of western literary narrative skills. At the same time, it not only integrates the narrative strategy of Murakami and Western literature, but also highlights the strong characteristics of Western literature.


Haruki murakami, Fitzgerald, Narrative skills

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