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Research on the Adaptation of Religion and Social Development from the Perspective of Globalization

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DOI: 10.23977/ISEEH2022.028


Bise Ali

Corresponding Author

Bise Ali


It is an important social, historical and cultural phenomenon in the history of human development, and its formation and development is a long historical process. China is a multi-ethnic socialist country, and all ethnic groups have different religious beliefs. When social existence is transformed from this process to other process, social consciousness must be transformed to adapt to the changed social existence sooner or later. And a nation's cultural psychology determines the nation's individual perception, thinking process, emotion and behavior. Religion and national culture is an important part of social development and an indispensable part of building a harmonious society. The concept of religious culture, which is still frequently used today, is derived from the adaptation of religion to social development and puts forward higher requirements for the stability and healthy development of religion. From the perspective of Yi's traditional religious culture, this paper discusses the cultural psychological foundation of Yi's traditional religious ceremonies in the perspective of globalization, and the development and adaptation of Yi's traditional religious cultural psychology in the process of modernization.


Religion, globalization, social development, adaptability

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