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Analysis of Sound Design and Recording in Variety Shows

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DOI: 10.23977/ISEEH2022.033


Qingwei Wu

Corresponding Author

Qingwei Wu


Variety show is one of the most popular forms of film and television programs today, focusing on post-production sound effects processing and appropriate sound design to bring audiences a better audio-visual experience, through the integration of music and sound effects can further improve the viewing of variety shows. Because of its process and randomness, simultaneous recording and post-production sound design are equally important in the sound design of variety shows, and the degree to which the sound design matches the style of the variety show will directly affect its broadcast effect. Taking “Back to Field” and “Keep Running” as examples, this paper expounds the role of sound design in the production of variety shows through the analysis of examples of sound design in variety shows, analyzes its recording process, and explains the important role of sound in the effect of variety shows.


Variety show, Sound, Design, Recording

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