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Structural Analysis of Lexical Bundles in English News on Health from China and UK Newspapers

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DOI: 10.23977/ISEEH2022.039


Mengyu Xu, Tingting Sun

Corresponding Author

Tingting Sun


News, as a timely report genre, concludes many parts, such as health, event and so on. Furthermore, the study of lexical bundles has always been a hot issue in English studies. Therefore, this paper uses two self-built corpora: Xinhuanet corpus and The Times corpus, to compare the structural features of lexical bundles to have a clear understanding of lexical bundles. It is found that noun, preposition, and verb lexical bundles are widely used in both Chinese and Western news reports, while dependent clause fragments are rarely employed; however, Western news uses fewer verb structures compared with Chinese news.


Lexical bundles, Structural features, News corpora

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