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Research on Welding Technology and Intelligent Repair Technology of Hydraulic Turbine Movable Guide Vane in Yuzixi Hydropower Station

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DOI: 10.23977/ICAEASR2022.003


Xiaodong Wu, Yuanjiang Ma, Jian TANG, Changjiu Huang, Xiaobing Liu, Lin CHEN

Corresponding Author



Due to the influence of natural disasters, the sediment content of hydropower station increases in flood season, and the wear of flow passage parts of hydraulic turbine is aggravated, especially the movable guide vane and runner blade. In order to ensure the normal operation of the power plant, it is necessary to repair the seriously worn flow passage components by welding during the maintenance period. Aim at solving that problem that the labor intensity of manual welding repair of the existing power station is high, In this paper, the guide vane of Yuzixi Hydropower Station is taken as the object to study the welding process, and the intelligent welding robot is applied to the welding repair process, and finally the welding repair technology with high welding quality and high degree of intelligence is formed.


Movable guide vane, Intelligent welding, Craft repair

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