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Practice and Application of Dance Teaching Curriculum System in Aesthetic Education for Teenagers

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DOI: 10.23977/AGEED2022.006


Yang Li

Corresponding Author

Yang Li


One of the goals of youth quality education is to let teenagers in the “moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, labor” five aspects of comprehensive development, for the future development of life to lay a solid cultural foundation. Especially with the development of quality education for teenagers in recent years, the society has higher requirements for the development of aesthetic education for teenagers. Aesthetic education is to train students to appreciate beauty, feel beauty, appreciate beauty and create beauty. Aesthetic education aims at cultivating teenagers' sentiment so that they can have the ability to appreciate beauty and create beauty. As an important form of aesthetic education, dance education has become an important content of youth aesthetic education. This paper will start with the development of dance education at the present stage, briefly analyze the role of dance education in the development of aesthetic education for teenagers, and further provide theoretical and practical support for the development of dance education.


Dance teaching, Aesthetic education, Youth, Quality education

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