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Construction of Curriculum System of Mechatronics in Higher Vocational Education Based on “Internet +”

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DOI: 10.23977/AGEED2022.010


Yu Tang

Corresponding Author

Yu Tang


Owing to the continuous progress of science and technology in China, information technology, intelligent mechanical equipment and new energy materials have been fully developed. In this context, China’s manufacturing industry has gradually developed and expanded. The manufacturing industry is an important pillar industry to push the improvement of the national economic level, which is of great significance to the production and construction of our country. In the context of Internet +, the domestic manufacturing industry has improved and innovated in technology to better adapt to the market demand and the progress trend of the times, thus increasing the demand for professionals. Based on this, this paper makes a specific analysis of the curriculum system of mechatronics in higher vocational colleges under the background of “Internet +”, hoping to provide some reference for the training of professionals in higher vocational colleges.


Internet +, Higher vocational colleges, Mechatronics

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