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Optimization of Professional Development Path in Recording Arts Universities

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DOI: 10.23977/AGEED2022.012


Yifan Wang

Corresponding Author

Yifan Wang


Recording involves many fields in today's society, such as music, TV, movies and so on. With the commercialization of film and television works and the continuous improvement of film and television production technology, recording has gradually differentiated into a specialized job, forming a major in recording arts. The main purpose of colleges and universities is to cultivate high-quality talents needed by the society. However, with the increasing employment pressure, the traditional theory-based teaching method can no longer meet the needs of the society. Recording arts's specialty lies in its own professional and artistic characteristics, and it also creates a broader development space for itself. This paper discusses the optimization of the development path of recording arts major in colleges and universities. Recording arts should arrange teaching design, teaching content and teaching activities according to students' characteristics, so as to improve students' recording literacy and the effectiveness of recording arts specialty.


Recording arts major, Teaching methods, Validity, Development path

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