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Innovation of the Development Path of Higher Education Based on the Concept of “Integration of Science and Education and Interdependence of Speculation”

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DOI: 10.23977/AGEED2022.013


Zhongqiang Wang, Li Yuan

Corresponding Author

Zhongqiang Wang


The integration of science and education is an important core concept that high-level universities around the world have long adhered to and followed, and it is also an inevitable choice for higher education to achieve high-quality development in the new development stage. Teaching and scientific research are the two wings to promote the development of universities and the two pillars of talent training in universities. Only by combining the two organically can we create a good educational environment and improve the ability of universities to serve the society. The survey shows that at present, there is an imbalance or even opposition between teaching and scientific research in universities in China, which is extremely detrimental to the development of schools. Therefore, we should establish and improve relevant systems and regulations to achieve the integration and construction of scientific research and teaching. This paper puts forward an innovative strategy for the development of higher education based on the concept of “integration of science and education, speculative interdependence” to improve the quality of higher education.


Integration of science and education, Speculative interdependence, College education, Innovation

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