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Research on the Prevention, Control and Counseling of Mental Health Problems of Higher Vocational Students in the “Post-Epidemic Era”

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DOI: 10.23977/AGEED2022.017


Minghui Ma, Lianlian Bai, Wei Wang

Corresponding Author

Minghui Ma


The epidemic prevention work of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has changed from emergency to normalization. During the emergency state to the normalization stage of prevention and control, the psychological state of college students is highly instable.And the mental health protection of college students cannot be underestimated. The mental health level of college students in the post-epidemic era is not optimistic, and there are significant differences in gender. Internet addiction, inferiority, depression, employment pressure, and academic pressure are the main factors affecting the mental health level of college students. Colleges and universities should follow the goal of psychological protection, grasp the two key tasks of psychological protection, and do a good job in psychological protection of college students from four aspects: dynamic monitoring, classified intervention, resource construction, and “home-school-doctor” coordination. We should strengthen the publicity and popularization of mental health knowledge, attach importance to giving play to the positive role of family education, and integrate mental health education resources to form a synergy to strengthen college students' mental health education. The influencing factors of college students' psychological problems and management and maintenance countermeasures aim to improve students' psychological quality, strengthen the education of students' methods of mobilizing positive emotions, make good use of group psychological activities and counseling methods, strengthen the content of mental health education courses, and guide the adjustment of students' emotions.


Post-pandemic, Higher vocational students, Mental health, Psychological counseling

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