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Individual Moral Generation and Subjective Moral Education Based on Life Care

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DOI: 10.23977/AGEED2022.018


Zhuo Chen, Chenrui Zhu

Corresponding Author

Zhuo Chen


Nowadays, with the development of economy, society and science and technology, college students are facing great development opportunities and are also in an unprecedented life dilemma. In recent years, more and more tragedies about college students injuring life, trampling on life and ignoring life have been staged and become more and more intense. Based on the analysis of the generation of individual morality and subjective moral education, this paper puts forward some suggestions on the way of subjective moral education in Colleges and universities. This paper draws a conclusion through the research methods of literature, mathematical statistics and logical analysis. Effective moral education is based on a correct understanding of the formation and evolution of individual morality. For today's moral education in Colleges and universities, it is necessary to construct a moral education mode in Colleges and universities with life care as the basic value orientation.


Life care, Individual moral generation, Subjective moral education

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