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Mental Health in Adolescents during Covid-19: a Review of a Literature

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DOI: 10.23977/AGEED2022.019


Chuyi Gao

Corresponding Author

Chuyi Gao


All the time, with the increase of study and social pressure, more and more teenagers begin to face many psychological problems, which are often ignored by us. After the outbreak of COVID-19, this major and unexpected health event has had a huge impact around the world. After the outbreak of COVID-19, mental health problems---negative emotions such as depression and anxiety among adolescents have emerged more and more, and their mental health has attracted great attention from scientific researchers. Sorting out the influencing factors and intervention measures of adolescent mental health will help society and schools better understand their development status and provide timely psychological counseling. This paper mainly searched the CNKI database and related literature on COVID-19, mental health and intervention measures, sorted out relevant literature content, and reviewed the influencing factors and intervention measures of adolescent mental health. Evidence shows that in addition to the traditional family environment and social support factors, the impact of information impact brought by social media is particularly prominent. Therefore, we need to rely on parents and teachers to properly guide teenagers to reduce excessive contact with social media, and also improve the school mental health service system and strengthen the construction of psychological services between families to intervene in this situation and reduce the occurrence of psychological problems.


Adolescent, Mental health, Psychological intervention

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