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Analysis of Groundwater Environmental Protection Measures under the Background of Ecological Civilization

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DOI: 10.23977/ICETMR2022.003


Wentao Yang

Corresponding Author

Wentao Yang


Groundwater is an important part of the ecological water environment and the key to maintaining the ecological environment. If groundwater is polluted, it will damage the ecosystem and affect people's quality of life. Regarding the environmental protection of groundwater, relevant departments and institutions have introduced a series of measures. The overall prevention and control work is relatively lagging behind, the lack of relevant systems, and the imperfect prevention and control system. Problems emerge one after another, and the overall prevention and control effect is poor. Therefore, in view of the existing problems and governance basis, we should coordinate relevant supporting measures, optimize relevant supporting equipment, improve the water quality monitoring network, do a good job in active evaluation, formulate scientific management plans, optimize the governance effect, and finally realize the harmonious development of man and nature.


Ecological civilization, Groundwater environment, Environmental pollution

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