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Rational Use of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Clinical Efficacy Analysis

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DOI: 10.23977/ICETMR2022.008


Ming CHEN, lihua Liu

Corresponding Author

lihua Liu


Objective: To analyze the influence of rational use of traditional Chinese medicine on clinical efficacy. Methods: 104 patients with adverse drug reactions of traditional Chinese medicine admitted to our hospital from January 2020 to June 2022 were selected as the irrational group, and 104 patients with rational drug use of traditional Chinese medicine in the same period were selected as the control group. Retrospectively analyze relevant data between the two groups, compare between groups, discuss the role of rational use of traditional Chinese medicine in clinical efficacy and common problems, and propose corresponding optimization strategies. Results: The clinical manifestations of 104 patients with multiple adverse reactions after taking traditional Chinese medicine in this experiment were found to be related to the following irrational use through analysis: 17 cases (16.3%) of irrational processing methods of traditional Chinese medicine, 20 cases (19.2%) of irrational use of traditional Chinese medicine combined with western medicine, 27 cases (26.0%) of irrational use and dosage, 50 cases (48.0%) of irrational treatment based on syndrome differentiation, and 2 cases (1.9%) of other factors. Compared with the control group, there were statistical differences (P<0.05). The patient satisfaction and clinical efficacy of the control group reached 98% and 96% respectively after the optimization of the scheme. Conclusion: Through comparative study, it is found that there are problems in the use of traditional Chinese medicine in patients with adverse reactions of traditional Chinese medicine, and the clinical efficacy analysis is carried out, and the corresponding optimization scheme is formulated to reduce the adverse reactions of patients affecting the efficacy, and actively improve the rationality and safety of traditional Chinese medicine.


Traditional chinese medicine, Rational use, Clinical efficacy

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