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Characterization of Soil Physical and Chemical Properties in Beijing Urban Forest

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DOI: 10.23977/ICETMR2022.009


XiangYu Meng, Li DONG

Corresponding Author

XiangYu Meng


In order to study the characteristics and change patterns of soil physicochemical properties of different community types in Beijing urban forests, this study conducted a comparative analysis of soil physicochemical properties of different community types in urban forests in Beijing. The results showed that the soil physicochemical properties and organic matter content of the current Beijing urban forest were poor; in addition, by analyzing the differences of soil physicochemical properties, except for soil pH, the soil physicochemical indexes of different community types were significantly different (P<0.05), the soil chemistry of mixed broadleaf forests is significantly higher than that of other community types. The soil pH, SBD and SWC showed an increasing trend with the deepening of soil depth, while the TP, OC, OM, TN, TP, AP and AK showed a decreasing trend. Therefore, the community design of the subsequent urban forest should focus on creating a composite community type, appropriately retaining understory plants, increasing the organic matter content of the soil, and forming a good synergistic effect with the soil.


Urban forest, Urban forest soil, Soil organic matter

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