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Innovation of University English Language Teaching Model Based on Second Language Acquisition Theory

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DOI: 10.23977/ICDSNE2022.006


Yumeng Cui

Corresponding Author

Yumeng Cui


Anyone who is capable of learning one language is also capable of learning any other language. If you are raised to a language from birth in a particular environment, you will eventually master the ability to use the language. The whole process is referred to as language acquisition. Krashen's second language acquisition theory offers an exceptional opportunity for the improvement of university English language teaching (ELT). The theory of second language acquisition offers theoretical and methodological support for ELT in universities. There are several problems in ELT in universities, including the variations in English basic conditions created by different regions and the differences in students' English learning. This paper aims to investigate the enlightening impact of this theory on ELT from the perspective of students and English teachers and optimize university ELT based on the existing situation of university English teachers' application of second language acquisition theory in class.


Second language acquisition theory, English teaching, Instructional mode, Innovate

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