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Reform and practice of ideological and political education in college physics course

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DOI: 10.23977/ICDSNE2022.011


Xiuying Gao, Wenjuan Wu, Hui SUN, Tixian Zeng

Corresponding Author

Xiuying Gao


The reform of curriculum ideological and political (IAP) is a research hotspot of the basic curriculum reform in China. As a compulsory public basic course for science and engineering majors in our university, College Physics has a unshirkable responsibility and natural educational advantages in cultivating students' scientific thinking, scientific methods, scientific spirit, scientific attitude, and scientific ethics. By improving the curriculum system, reforming the curriculum objectives, adopting the four-dimensional integrated teaching mode, and taking the selection of IAP elements and the intensive teaching of cases as the starting point, the college physics course carries out the reform and practice of IAP education. These reform measures have effectively played the IAP functions of college physics courses, and explored a new way of IAP education belonging to college physics courses.


College physics course, IAP reform, Teaching practice

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