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Research on the Development Trend of Human Resource Management Informationization in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.23977/ICDSNE2022.015


Xiaofeng Wu

Corresponding Author

Xiaofeng Wu


At this stage, on the basis of the rapid progress of China’s social economy, the field of science has also achieved innovative development. Information technology has been greatly applied in the development process of all walks of life, and has also had a certain impact on the field of education. In this context, the human resource management model of higher vocational colleges can no longer meet the current needs of educational progress, nor can it effectively meet the management requirements of teachers in colleges. Therefore, this paper takes the human resource management of higher vocational colleges as the research object, and puts forward some views on the progress and construction of human resource management informatization.


Higher vocational colleges, Human resource management, Informatization development

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