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Research on Supply Chain, Financing of Small and Micro Enterprises under Digital Finance

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DOI: 10.23977/ICHEME2022.006



Corresponding Author



After more than 2 decades of development, China's supply chain (SCM) finance has gone through different stages, such as leading by financial institutions, cooperation between financial institutions and core enterprises of the SCM, industrial Internet model and standardized development. While making remarkable achievements, there are also problems in many aspects. With the continuous improvement of China's information technology, SCM finance has emerged as an innovative carrier of China Unicom's real economy and finance. In the future, the competition in the world economy will no longer be between a single enterprise and a single enterprise, but between the SCM system and the SCM system. Although SCM finance has been widely recognized and valued by the global industry, it also encounters major challenges and obstacles. This study will discuss whether digital finance will improve the financing inertia of enterprises or optimize the financing mode of enterprises, and study the SCM financing of small and micro enterprises under digital finance. Based on the background of the financing dilemma of private small and micro enterprises and the emergence of SCM finance, this paper analyzes the concept of SCM finance, analyzes the role of the financing mode of SCM finance in ease up the financing dilemma of private small and micro enterprises, and suggests that relevant governments should further strengthen the ecological construction of digital finance, so as to realize the original intention of the healthy development of small and micro enterprises.


Digital finance, Small and micro enterprises, Supply chain, Finance

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