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Feminist Interpretation of Shakespeare's Plays

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DOI: 10.23977/ICHEME2022.008


Ruitong Liu

Corresponding Author

Ruitong Liu


Shakespeare, the cultural giant of the Renaissance, created a series of vivid and glorious female images in his comedies, which were loved and praised by readers from different countries and different classes. Feminist thought first appeared in Shakespeare's plays; The feminist literature that originated in this period is bound to go far-reaching under the influence of the continuous development of feminist literary criticism. This paper attempts to analyze Shakespeare's three love tragedies-Romeo and Juliet, and how the heroine in The Merchant of Venice fought and rebelled under the oppression of patriarchy, how to subvert the traditional female image and break through the prejudice against women in feudal society. They control the discourse power and destiny of the hero and attack the traditional patriarchal social structure. This paper mainly discusses how the three heroines bravely resisted the bondage of patriarchal feudal tradition to women and realized their self-consciousness from the perspective of feminism.


Feminism, Shakespeare, Theatre, The renaissance

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