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Research on the Development of Elderly Health Management in the Context of Digital Empowerment

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DOI: 10.23977/ICHEME2022.010


Guanbo Mao

Corresponding Author

Guanbo Mao


Through a detailed analysis of the results of the 7th national population census in 2012, it can be found that the current population aged 60 and above accounts for about 18% of the total population, marking the deepening of the aging process in China at this stage. As a frequent group of chronic diseases, the health status of the elderly should not be ignored. With the continuous improvement of the development level of modern information technology in China, digital technology and Internet technology have gradually become a common and important way in the field of medical diagnosis by virtue of their diversified functions. Therefore, this paper conducts a detailed study on the development of elderly health management in China under the background of “digital empowerment” to ensure that the quality of patient privacy and data security is further improved, so that the elderly can obtain more happiness and security in the health field.


Digital empowerment, Elderly group, Health management, Development direction

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