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Research on the Influence Mechanism of Healthy Communication in Social Media on Social Identity in the New Media Era

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DOI: 10.23977/ICHEME2022.014


Chunxin Zheng,Ke SHI

Corresponding Author

Chunxin Zheng


With the continuous progress of the society, health issues have been paid more and more attention, and health communication has thus become a very important issue in the current environment. In the field of health communication, people collect and accept all kinds of confusing information transmitted by the media, which is also affected in this process, and even cater to the standards set by the media to solidify their behavior. Based on this situation, from the perspective of the new media era, this paper studies the mechanism of the influence of healthy communication on social identity in social media. It is found that different actors of media power have formed a set of habits corresponding to their health authority capital when producing and disseminating health information, and the habits of different actors in the field also have obvious influence on their health information dissemination power. The health information in social media affects the audience's health behavior, and the audience constructs the audience's social identity based on these intermediary information and the health behavior established by it. In the follow-up, it is necessary to standardize the dissemination of health information by new media, construct the responsibility of health communication of new media, and advocate the voice of professionals in the health field.


New media, Social media, Health communication, Social identity, Influence mechanism

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