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Analysis of the Features and Communication Effects of Environmental Protection Slogans

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DOI: 10.23977/ICHEME2022.015


Jiaqi Huang

Corresponding Author

Jiaqi Huang


This study aims to investigate the features of environmental protection slogans, as well as their communication effects. As the subject, we summarized the main features of environmental protection slogans and analyzed the communication effect of each feature from four perspectives: communication subject, communication content, communication target, and communication technique. We identified four key features of slogans: (1) Intelligible (2) Emotional. (3) Official (4) Explicit. Slogans with the features listed above have relatively good communication effects and specific reference values when it comes to writing environmental protection slogans. According to this study, analyzing the features of environmental protection slogans can contribute to a thorough investigation of the features and patterns of these slogans. It is additionally expected to aid in the effective implementation of environmental protection work.


Environmental protection slogans, Feature analysis, Communication effects analysis

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