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Discussion on Measures to Promote the Cooperation between Colleges and Enterprises in International Trade Major of Higher Vocational Education

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DOI: 10.23977/ICHEME2022.020



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Owing to the popularization of compulsory education in China, the overall literary literacy of the whole people has been significantly enhanced, and the requirements for talents in society are also getting higher, which has increased the employment difficulty of college graduates to a certain degree. As a crucial institution for fostering application-oriented talents, colleges can not only enhance the teaching quality and efficiency, but also effectively solve the employment problem of students if strengthening school-enterprise cooperation. Based on this, with the major of international trade as the main body, this paper deeply analyzes the strategies of school-enterprise cooperation, aiming to enhance the teaching quality and promote the better progress of students.


International trade major in higher vocational education, School-enterprise cooperation, Measures

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