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Research on Financial Market Risk Measurement Based on Big Data

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DOI: 10.23977/ICHEME2022.023


Chengchen Yang, Tong WU

Corresponding Author

Chengchen Yang


It has the dual characteristics of financial Internet and finance, which determines that Internet financial measurement is more complicated and financial risks are more difficult to measure and prevent than other risks. In order to take good defensive measures in the face of risks, risk management is necessary. An effective financial risk measurement method not only plays an important role in avoiding potential risks, reducing risk losses and costs, and winning more opportunities, but also is an important embodiment of the core competitiveness of financial institutions. At present, the era of big data is gradually entering, which has brought great impetus to the Internet financial industry, greatly changed the quantity and nature of financial variable data, changed the nature of data information in application, and promoted the change of financial risk management means and the improvement of measurement means. Big data deals with the horizontal and vertical relationship between financial data, which can make the previous troublesome detection and prediction methods clearer, give a clearer impetus to the exploration of panel data, and bring stronger support to the accuracy of financial risk measurement.


Big data, Financial market, Risk measurement

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