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Aesthetic Research on Environmental Art Color of Ancient Towns in Zhejiang Province

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DOI: 10.23977/ICHEME2022.024



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Since the Song Dynasty, the capitalist economy has sprouted in the south of the Yangtze River, the social economy has further developed, and the town construction has been refined and functional, which has promoted the further improvement of the architectural cultural character of ancient towns in Zhejiang. The colorful fields and winding roads of ancient towns in Zhejiang can largely eliminate the monotony of black and white in villages, increase the clear and lively mood, and give viewers a psychological reflection that tends to be peaceful and quiet. Therefore, people feel bright and beautiful in beautiful and elegant. At the same time, the ancient town is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and the horse's head wall outlines a beautiful outline in the blue sky, which increases the level of space and the beauty of rhythm, and reflects the harmonious rhyme of harmony between man and nature. It is the embodiment of the national aesthetic psychology in Zhejiang ancient towns, which brings people a unique aesthetic feeling. Ancient towns in Zhejiang pay attention to the inheritance and promotion of excellent traditional culture with regional characteristics, so that famous historical and cultural towns can have more distinctive Zhejiang characteristics and Zhejiang style, and thus embark on a Zhejiang road of planning, management and protection of famous historical and cultural towns.


Zhejiang Ancient Town, Environmental art, Color aesthetics

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