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The Resurrection Experiment of Liquid Nitrogen Quick-Frozen Fish

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DOI: 10.23977/ICETMR2022.015


Haoyuan Xu

Corresponding Author

Haoyuan Xu


In order to confirm the phenomenon of quick-frozen fish resurrection, the conditions and mechanism of quick-frozen fish thawing and resurrection were further explored. In this experiment, goldfish were used as material for quick freezing in liquid nitrogen, the quick freezing time and thawing temperature were changed, and the degree of damage to individuals and cells was observed under a microscope. The experiment confirmed the existence of quick-frozen fish resurrection phenomenon. By precisely controlling the quick-freezing time and thawing at 20°C, small fish with a body length of 10 cm and below can be resurrected. The death of quick-frozen fish is due to the dehydration and rupture of tissue cells. This experiment provides a theoretical basis for the frozen preservation of aquatic food.


Goldfish, Liquid nitrogen, Resurrection

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