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Effect of warming on diversity of soil microbial community

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DOI: 10.23977/ICETMR2022.018


Qingyin Ren

Corresponding Author

Qingyin Ren


Climate warming causes the change of environmental factors such as temperature and moisture, and then changes the material and nutrient cycle of the landing ecosystem, especially the effect on the material and nutrient cycle of the ecosystem at high altitude and high latitude. Soil microorganisms and soil enzymes play an important role in the process of material circulation and energy flow in ecosystem. Warming experiment plays an irreplaceable role in studying the response and adaptation mechanism of terrestrial ecosystem to global warming, and soil microorganism is the key component of soil ecosystem. This paper studies the relationship between different environmental factors and soil prokaryote community structure through the correlation analysis of soil prokaryote community composition, diversity and environmental factors in the alpine grassland of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, in order to reveal the relationship between soil prokaryote community and global warming, and pave the way for predicting how global warming will change ecosystem functions. The results showed that, combined with the results of environmental factors, the typical correlation analysis of microbial community showed that ammonium nitrogen, plant height, and species number had a higher impact on the prokaryotic community structure, while electrical conductivity had a higher impact on the fungal community structure.


Warming; Soil microorganisms; Diversity

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