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Analysis and Research on Error Compensation of NC Machining Data Based on Big Data Warehouse Hive

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DOI: 10.23977/ICETMR2022.019


Haixia Wang, Shuguang Cui

Corresponding Author

Shuguang Cui


With the continuous development of machinery manufacturing industry, precision machining has gradually become the main trend of modern manufacturing industry. As a new generation of machine tools, CNC machine tools have been widely used in the mechanical manufacturing industry. At the same time, the rapid development of precision machining technology and the continuous improvement of machining accuracy of parts put forward higher requirements for the machining accuracy of CNC machine tools. The error compensation method has the characteristics of strong universality and low input cost, that is, it does not need to transform the machine tool on the premise of meeting the certain precision requirements of the machine tool, and it has incomparable economic benefits compared with the huge cost of error prevention of CNC machine tools. In this paper, an error compensation strategy of NC machining data based on big data warehouse Hive is proposed to improve the comprehensive performance of NC machining system.


Numerical control processing; Error compensation; Machinery manufacturing

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