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Design of a High-Pressure Telescopic Boom Cleaning Device for Pig-Transport Vehicles Based on Finite Element Analysis

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DOI: 10.23977/ICETMR2022.020


Yuhang Ma, Shifeng Yan, Jian Zhao, Yupeng He

Corresponding Author

Yupeng He


More than half of the total pig breeding volume of the world is accounted in China. As the pig-transport vehicles are predominantly used for pig transportation, cleaning these vehicles is very important to prevent the spread of viruses. By cleaning these vehicles, the health of the pigs can be maintained and the profitability of the pig companies can be improved. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a simple and efficient cleaning device. In this work, a telescopic boom device for cleaning the pig-transport vehicles with quadrilateral section, hydraulic drive, wire rope traction, simple structure, and low manufacturing cost was designed and optimized using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). The results showed that the maximum stress and maximum deflection of the telescopic boom after optimization were reduced by 67% and 94% respectively. Moreover, this study provides an important theoretical base and reference value for the design of similar products and the solution of practical engineering problems.


Pig-transport vehicles; Telescopic boom; Finite element; Stress; Deflection; Modal

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