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Research on Cross-cultural Contact Path from the Perspective of AI Algorithm

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DOI: 10.23977/ICETMR2022.021


Xiaoyan Chen

Corresponding Author

Xiaoyan Chen


The deep integration of AI system and cross-cultural contact is an urgent need to build a global AI ethical governance system. Based on the research of AI system and cross-cultural contact theory, this paper discusses the contact path of cross-cultural and cross language communication in international exchanges, and discusses that in the era of globalization, value guidance and ethical norms should be implemented for the development of AI. By analyzing the shortcomings of existing AI algorithms, it is suggested to build a multi-channel cross-cultural contact path based on AI system. In this way, the multiple boundaries of culture can be eliminated, so that various subcultures reflecting different ideologies and values can coexist and be compatible with each other in the AI system. From the perspective of AI governance mechanism, this paper believes that the most important thing is to form a basic value consensus. The core content is how to provide relevant guidance for the development of AI from the value principles of inclusiveness, sharing, prudence, and responsibility and the broad sense of cross-cultural communication, so as to achieve the overall optimal development of AI systems.


Artificial intelligence; Cross culture; Contact path; Ethical governance system; AI algorithm

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