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Evolution of Living Space in Qingdao in Different Periods

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DOI: 10.23977/ICHEME2022.028


Yanjun Wang, Kun Han, Peng Dai

Corresponding Author

Yanjun Wang


Using longitudinal data on socio-economic and demographic aspects, combined with remote sensing images and planning drawings, the spatial pattern and evolution of residential space in Qingdao at different periods since its establishment are analyzed. The spatial pattern of the city has changed from the initial triangular grouping pattern to the ribbon pattern, and then to the zigzag and multi-core grouping pattern, which shows that the scale of residential space has been expanding, the spatial structure has become more complex, the internal construction is mainly block filling, and the peripheral development is mainly piecemeal development. The reconfiguration of residential space is formed by the external force of natural environment limitation and transportation corridor guidance, as well as the internal force of commercial industry space leading and planning policy guidance.


Living space; Evolution; Qingdao

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