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An Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Rental Prices in the P2P Rental Market

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DOI: 10.23977/ICHEME2022.036


Fuhong Guo

Corresponding Author

Fuhong Guo


As technological progress and the development of the Internet have reduced search and transaction costs, the sharing economy has shown a vigorous development, and the P2P rental market is the main form of the sharing economy. In the rental process, the owner and the renter bear the different costs incurred by the product (durable goods). This paper analyzes the cost structure and further analyzes the impact of different costs on the rental price. The results of the study show that the rental price decreases with the increase of the ownership cost and the cost of inconvenience, and the rental price increases with the increase of the cost of moral hazard. When there is a BTM cost in the P2P rental market, the short-term equilibrium rental price increases, and whether it is a short-term equilibrium or a long-term equilibrium in the P2P rental market, the pass-through of BTM cost to the rental price is incomplete. Finally, this article makes conclusions and recommendations.


P2P rental market, rental price, cost, influencing factors

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