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Research on Rural Revitalization and Low-Carbon Transformation Development under the Background of New Energy

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DOI: 10.23977/IEMESSC2023.008


Hao Feng, Tianning Lou, Liangyu Wu, Yantao Long

Corresponding Author

Hao Feng


With the continuous growth of society, society has new goals and requirements for rural construction. On the one hand, rural areas are required to promote the growth of economic industries and obtain economic benefits; on the other hand, it is necessary to improve the rural ecological environment and promote farmers' long-term stability. Under the influence of this strategic goal, China pays attention to giving priority to the growth of rural economy and promoting the optimization of rural exhibition structure. Therefore, it is necessary for rural areas to continuously innovate new energy technologies and promote their industrial development. The interaction between the rural industrial structure and industrial transformation trend in China and the growth of low-carbon rural areas in China has become increasingly prominent. If we want to realize ecological and low-carbon rural development, we must examine the industrial strategy in the stage of rural economic growth and low-carbon in China. According to the requirements of rural revitalization strategy, this paper analyzes the current ecological problems in rural areas of China and puts forward the countermeasures, and puts forward the rural revitalization and low-carbon transformation development strategy under the background of new energy.


Rural revitalization, Low-carbon transformation, New energy

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