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Research on Modern Environmental Art Design Based on Traditional Cultural Elements

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DOI: 10.23977/IEMESSC2023.009


Chang Liu

Corresponding Author

Chang Liu


The rapid development of modern economy has accelerated the process of innovation and development in the field of modern environmental art design, In order to highlight the cultural characteristics of china in environmental art design, It is necessary to integrate traditional cultural elements reasonably, And at the same time expand the development path of chinese traditional culture, In modern environmental art design, We should pay attention to the integration of our own national traditional culture, And strive for continuous development in inheritance, We should strive to find the combination of traditional culture and modern life, And integrate excellent traditional cultural elements into modern environmental art design, This paper will make a simple analysis on the related issues of the use of traditional cultural elements in modern environmental art design, Understand the value of traditional cultural elements in modern environmental art design through research, And put forward specific application strategies according to the actual situation of current environmental art design development


Traditional culture, Modern environment, Art design

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