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Research on the Mechanism of Public Policy's Influence on Regional Economic Development

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DOI: 10.23977/IEMESSC2023.013


Wen Zhang

Corresponding Author

Wen Zhang


Over the years, under the macro-control of the government, the society has gradually developed steadily and the social economy has rapidly developed to a higher level, but there are still many economically backward areas. Due to various reasons, local governments often have deviations in the process of regional public policy choice and system innovation, leading to aberrant behaviors, such as localism and short-term behavior. Local governments should scientifically implement regional public policy choice and institutional innovation, focus on providing an innovative environment and atmosphere for regional innovation activities, and provide a policy support system through stimulating policies, guiding policies, protective policies and coordinated policies. This paper analyzes the influence mechanism of public policy on regional economic development, and points out that it is necessary for the government to intervene in regional economy strategically and to a certain extent while perfecting the market economic system in the process of developing regional economy. Local governments' timely and effective public policy choices and institutional innovations have an important impact on promoting economic development and the realization of economic development goals, and play a key role.


Public policy, Regional economy, Economic system

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