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Discussion on Practical Teaching of Human Resource Management Specialty in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Post Competence

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DOI: 10.23977/IMERC2023.003


Longfeng Ma

Corresponding Author

Longfeng Ma


Through the full integration of various advanced education concepts and teaching measures and the establishment of a practical teaching system based on post competency, the human resources management major in colleges can not only ensure the effective realization of the talent training objectives, but also further strengthen the quality of talent training. While improving the curriculum system, it can foster students’ professional awareness and ability. Therefore, this paper discusses in detail the relevant content of practical teaching of human resources management major in colleges based on post competency. On the basis of clarifying the teaching content, it establishes and perfects the practical teaching platform, effectively perfects the evaluation mechanism, and lays a solid foundation for comprehensively enhancing the teaching quality.


Post competence, Higher vocational colleges, Human resource management speciality, Practical teaching

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