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Research on Employment of College Students Based on Statistical Analysis of Data

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DOI: 10.23977/IMERC2023.020


Zhichao Lin

Corresponding Author

Zhichao Lin


With the increasingly severe social employment situation in recent years, the employment difficulty of college students has become a hot topic. Faced with this employment situation, students' views on it, their employment situation, their employment confidence and how to improve their employment confidence are all issues worth studying. This study adopts the viewpoint that social capital is social network. At the individual level, it describes the social capital status of college graduates from four aspects: network scale, network differences, network top and network composition (ties with the leadership, managers and knowledge). It also tries to find out the influence of college graduates' personal characteristics and family background on their social capital and successful employment through quantitative analysis, and then analyzes the relationship between social capital and successful employment. The above findings indicate that, on the one hand, in China's current higher education labor market, the wage determining mechanism is increasingly returning to the neoclassical model; On the other hand, the unfair and unreasonable phenomena still exist in the field of college students' employment, and the reasonable allocation of labor force cannot be realized completely through the market mechanism.


Data statistics and analysis, Employment of college students, Employment issues, Data mining

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