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Discussion on the Teaching Reform and Practice of New Energy Vehicles under the 1+X Certificate System

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DOI: 10.23977/IMERC2023.021


Hongjuan Li

Corresponding Author

Hongjuan Li


Owing to the quick progress of China’s social economy, people’s living standards have significantly enhanced, and the number of cars used has increased year by year. The demand for talents in automobile maintenance and R&D enterprises is increasing, and the employment standards are becoming increasingly stringent. The main educational purpose of higher vocational colleges is to transfer high-quality applied talents to the society. However, the current teaching activities of new energy vehicles in colleges are not effectively connected with the job requirements, which leads to the inconsistency between the talents trained in colleges and the standards of enterprise employment. The article deeply analyzes the connotation of 1+X certificate system, and comes up with the teaching reform and practice strategies of new energy vehicles for reference.


1+X certificate system, New energy vehicle teaching, Reform and practice

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