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Construction and Implementation of Practical Teaching Mode for Marketing Specialty

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DOI: 10.23977/IMERC2023.033


Huayu Wang

Corresponding Author

Huayu Wang


At present, the market competition is fierce, and the demand for marketing talents by industrial and commercial enterprises is also very strong. However, influenced by the examination-oriented education system and restricted by other factors for a long time, marketing majors generally have poor practical ability and lack practical innovation ability. Marketing talents should have strong post operation ability in market research, marketing planning, market development and channel management, and comprehensive professional ability in marketing. These abilities are mainly cultivated through practical teaching. The training goal of higher vocational and technical education is to cultivate high-tech applied talents to meet the needs of economy and society. Therefore, practical teaching in higher vocational colleges is not simply subordinate to theoretical teaching, practice is the ultimate embodiment of theory, and practice is the process from theory to practice. This paper discusses the problems existing in the practical teaching of marketing and the reform mode, aiming at improving the practical teaching effect of marketing and promoting the improvement of students' professional practical ability and comprehensive quality.


Marketing, Practical teaching, Personnel training

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