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Research on Training Strategies of Psychosocial Adaptability of Higher Vocational Students Under the Background of Production-education Integration

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DOI: 10.23977/ICISCETC2023.002


Mangmang Xun

Corresponding Author

Mangmang Xun


As a powerful base of technical talents for China's economic and social development, vocational colleges can effectively improve the quality of personnel training in higher vocational colleges and contribute to the social development of higher vocational colleges. Psychosocial adaptability is an important component of students' social adaptability, which determines the quality and height of students' future development to a certain extent. 520 higher vocational students from 8 universities were selected to participate in the psychosocial adaptability test. It was found that their psychosocial adaptability had advantages in physical condition and interpersonal communication adaptability, and self-presentation adaptability were relatively good, and self-efficacy and learning status adaptability were the worst, which should be focused on improving in the education process. At the same time, gender differences and the characteristics of students of different majors should be fully considered for differentiation guidance.


Integration of production and education, Higher vocational students, Psychosocial adaptability, Improvement path

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