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AHP-Based Features Analysis of Automotive Sketches

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs.2017.1023


Li Qiang, Yang Changhai, Zhang Zhao, Gong Yongjian, Xuan Cuixian

Corresponding Author

Yang Changhai


This paper tries to give a mathematic explanation for the classification of the most important features in the automotive sketches. Based on the understanding of 2D sketches and their roles in automotive styling, this paper has investigated the expressions, styles and features of automotive sketches, and proposed a reasonable classification for the form lines of automotive features, which are the most important to be sketched in the future 3D automotive sketching system. Some typical automotive sketches have been selected and analyzed according to the patterns of single stroke, combined line and surface, and light color. The features have been extracted by the experiment from the four forms: form lines, components, form shadings and non-form shadings. The analytic hierarchy process (AHP) has been applied to deal with the experimental data. It is proved that the classification and the importance analysis of features are reasonable.


Automotive styling, Sketching, Stroke, Feature extraction, AHP.

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