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Classroom Assessment of Chinese Instructional Quality Based on Subject Core Literacy

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DOI: 10.23977/ICISCETC2023.019


Cuiwei Song, Hongshuai Shi

Corresponding Author

Hongshuai Shi


With the continuous progress of social economy and culture in China, education is also changing unconsciously. The goal of education in China is to cultivate students' core quality and subject core quality. According to some surveys, there are some problems in junior middle school Chinese class, such as students are not interested, unable to participate in learning by themselves, poor learning quality, single teaching method of teachers, poor learning environment and so on, which seriously inhibit the learning quality of students in Chinese class. Chinese teaching in junior middle schools should aim at the local actual situation and create a certain learning environment for students. In Chinese classroom teaching, assessment can stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning, lead them into the hall of knowledge, enable them to learn to express themselves, and enhance their cultural self-confidence. Based on the premise of cultivating students' core literacy in junior middle school Chinese teaching, this paper focuses on the classroom assessment method of Chinese instructional quality.


Core accomplishment of discipline, Instructional quality, Classroom assessment

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