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Research on the Strategy of Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance in Institution of Higher Learning from the Perspective of Great Ideological and Political Education

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DOI: 10.23977/ICISCETC2023.021


Xueqin Wei, Cuihua Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xueqin Wei


With the increasing importance of ideology, some teachers of employment and entrepreneurship courses gradually integrate ideology into employment and entrepreneurship courses, and put forward the importance of college students' ideology and morality in entrepreneurship. This paper attempts to study the employment and entrepreneurship guidance strategy in institution of higher learning from the perspective of big ideology, which plays an important role in cultivating college students' strong entrepreneurial skills, helping them form a correct employment concept and helping them effectively cope with employment pressure. Only by comprehensively helping students to make career plans or improve their entrepreneurial ability during their school years, can the employment pressure of students be alleviated on the basis of enhancing their comprehensive quality, help universities improve their employment rate and help society reduce some security risks.


Great ideological politics, Institution of higher learning, Strategies of employment and entrepreneurship guidance

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