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Application of Hydrological Telemetry Terminal Technology in Hydrological Information Forecasting

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DOI: 10.23977/ICISCETC2023.022


Ye Yang

Corresponding Author

Ye Yang


Hydrological intelligence forecasting is very important for the prevention and control of flood and drought disasters in China. It can provide useful data information for flood control and drought relief work in China through the use of hydrological telemetry terminal technology, which can be used as a basis to effectively reduce the probability of occurrence of flood and drought disasters and minimize the loss of flood and drought disasters. With the rapid development of science and technology, hydrological telemetry terminal technology has been fully applied in the collection and analysis of rainfall data information, so it needs to be paid attention to. This article mainly discusses the specific application of hydrological telemetry terminal technology based on its functions and principles.


Hydrological telemetry terminal technology, Hydrological information forecast, Principle

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